• Lydia Deaton


God has called me to sing. It's the most fulfilling, miraculous, and joyful thing He could have ever asked me to do. Singing is the joy of my life; Jesus is the joy of my life. God has asked me to go forth with that, to pursue my heart's desires.

Now that I know this, it's hard to believe I didn't always know this. When I wrote the song "Songbird," I was just beginning to learn what God's calling on my life was. I was always a singer, since I could talk, and I was always a songwriter, since I could sing. But I never really considered it to be something I could seriously pursue.

I wrote "Songbird" in July 2017. I really loved it because I felt like it was the words God was singing over me...I had no idea how serious He was though. God was calling me a "songbird" but I didn't realize right away that it wasn't just a nice symbol to think about but something to embody.

I wrote many songs in the year 2017 but I wasn't planning on letting anyone listen to them, much less "Songbird." Then I had the idea one day to make a little homemade album. I bought some blank CD's, asked my sister to take polaroids of me, and I recorded all my songs using voice memos on my iPhone. As I was making the set list for the album "Songbird" stood out, it had to be the title. The song was about my self-inflicted captivity and fear contrasted against God's call to be free. So the story of the album became about my battle with insecurity; the story of the album became about freedom.

It was in the year 2017 I learned how free I was to sing and to be who I was created to be. It was in the year 2017 God released me from the cage I built for myself and I started calling myself what I am: a songbird.

Fear and insecurity are always there still...but the more I have surrendered to God, He has made me bolder and stronger... and at the risk of being cheesy and taking the songbird metaphor too far: He is teaching me how to fly.

This album that was meant for only a few friends and family is yours now. I plan to give a little insight into each of these original songs you'll find on the album: "Victory Song," "Surrender," "All I Have," "The Storm," and "Resurrection Day." I know the recordings aren't quality but as I am pursuing God's calling on my life I must use what I have. Greater things are yet to come.