Live EP

October 2020

Three words each with such depth and magnitude, together making the most profound statement easy and simple to say or sing. "Jesus loves me" the children's hymn, the Sunday School answer, the one thing each and every heart is desperate to know. This is the most vulnerable, easy, beautiful, and simple gift we absolutely need with every fiber of our being. "Jesus loves me, this I know" changes everything. 


I wanted to make this EP with just me and my guitar. Four songs, live takes, all in one late night worship session. Just me and the LORD. To know "Jesus loves me" happens anytime, anywhere, you don't have to be polished or excellent or mature or deserving of it. Jesus loves me now. There's an urgency to it. These songs are about the sweet moments of vulnerability that lead to victory. I am small, needy, weak, and helpless but at my most vulnerable: humble at the feet of Jesus I experience VICTORY for
Jesus. Loves. Me.



In the beginning, God created the world, the earth, the sky, the sea, the heavens above. He created animals, plants, and stars.

Then He created man and woman. He was very pleased with the whole Creation, but He was most please with man and woman.

He made mankind very special. He created us to experience joy, purpose, rest, but most of all relationship with Himself. He created us to be His children, He created us for love.

We were created to live forever and trust His love for us but instead we doubted. We believed the enemy when he lied to us and said, “the Lord does not love you.” We believed him and we sinned. When sin entered the world, everything changed. Sin opened the door to death and all evil. Now we would always be separated from the Lord unless someone paid the price of all that sin.

The Lord loved us, even though we rejected Him. He has a plan to fix everything, mend our relationship with Him, and return us back to who we were created to be. His plan is written about in the Bible and the story is still unfolding today. God sent Jesus His Son down to earth to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin. He humbled Himself by putting on our flesh, being born in a stable, and ultimately dying a horrible death on a cross.

The moment He died our sins were paid in full! He died and was buried in a tomb. But three days later He did THE IMPOSSIBLE: He rose from the dead! He paid for the sins of all mankind with His own blood and then promised we would get to live forever in loving relationship with Him, because HE DEFEATED DEATH! Jesus is alive today and forevermore!

The enemy is still lying to you even right now. He says, “the Lord does not love you.” The enemy wants to make sure you never feel worthy of God’s love. But if you choose to believe that the enemy is lying because OF COURSE God loves you! Look what He has done for you! He sent His own Son to die for you! Just so that He can be with you! THAT is love like no other.

If you choose to believe “Jesus loves me,” Jesus slams the door leading to death and invites you to walk with Him through the door He made open when He died and rose again. Jesus invites you to walk the path to everlasting life, the path to who you were created to be.

Believe: Jesus loves you too.



"I'm still Your daughter"


About Homebody

In every season, I am still Your daughter

Recording this album was a learning experience. Like most learning experiences, it was very frustrating at times; but I had so much fun. The experience was encouraging, exciting, and it led to so many moments of genuine worship. This project is very precious to me. I am proud of it; I am moved by it.
In a time of global fear, tragedy, and uncertainty, I know I needed the words and melodies in this album. Seasons change but God never does. God is our Rock. He is a steady and constant presence, like a good Dad.
There is a voice in my head constantly telling me “you are not enough, you are not good enough and you do not do enough.” I have been living with this voice my whole life; this is not the voice of my loving Father God. He tells me the exact opposite. He wants me exactly as I am. He is home.
Most of these songs were written before quarantine, before COVID-19 was on my radar. I see now though that God intended for you to receive this album now for this very strange and difficult season. I cannot know how God intends to use these songs in your life, but I am encouraged because I know He will. He doesn’t ask much from me. I suspect I start to think, “I am not enough” when I am trying to be something God did not ask me to be.
In Christ: I am enough. You are enough. There are many things we can do and accomplish in this world but our highest calling, our most refreshing, most fulfilling, and most comforting calling is always simply to be God’s children. (Luke 15 and Psalm 139). As you listen to this album, as you sit at home, as you experience change in the world and in your life, rest in that.
Come to Jesus, as you are; it’s simple. He’s ready.

lydia standing infront of the tree 2 (1

Albums by Lydia Anne


May 2020

These songs were written in a season of life when Lydia was a homebody by choice; and recorded when she was a homebody by state order. Lydia was grateful to God for the time to create "Homebody" even though it was in the midst of the stress of COVID-19 and quarantine. It was an opportunity to grow in her GarageBand knowledge and skill and an opportunity to lead others into worship. It is always good to remember that God is still a loving Father, and we are still His children.

"And the seasons keep turning

Day turns to night then to morning

All that was good fades and changes

But You are good You are changeless

And I'm still Your daughter"


August 2017

This project may have only taken Lydia a week to produce but it really was many, many years in the making. For a long time she had gone back and forth with wanting to sing and write songs but also being very afraid and struggling to admit that this is what her heart desires. In 2017 though Lydia began a journey that led her to this place: She was writing songs again after 3 years of not at all, she was allowing people listen to them, and she started calling herself what she is: a songbird. A songbird locked in her cage won’t feel free to call herself what she is.

"Songbird, come fly and sing"



"Songbird, come fly and sing"

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.36.04 AM.png


My First (homemade) Album

I made "Songbird" in August of 2017. I got the idea in my head one day while I was driving. I got really excited about it and it became all-consuming, so I got it all done in only one week.

This project may have only taken me a week to produce but it really was many, many years in the making. For a long time I had gone back and forth with wanting to sing and write songs but also being very afraid and struggling to admit that this is what my heart desires. In 2017 though I began a journey that led me to this place: I was writing songs again after 3 years of not at all, I was allowing people listen to them, and I started calling myself what I am.

A songbird locked in her cage won’t feel free to call herself what she is.

On this album you will find 6 original songs. Five of them were written in 2017 alone and “the Storm” (originally called “You are in the Waters”) was the last song written before my 3-year spell of writer’s block.

This album is about as homemade as they come. I had never edited before and I recorded everything using “voice memos” on my iPhone. The best mindset when listening is to imagine yourself at a live concert in my living room…because that is quite literally what this is! Lydia Deaton, casually in her pajamas recording an album, you are in for quite the experience.

                  I could have waited perhaps to make a real album in a recording studio with a better pianist and guitarist and with more instruments, and someday I will! But I decided to do this because I can do this NOW.


“Songbird come fly and sing”